The 1st season of Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru was aired during the Fall season 2016 and as I stated in my First Impression post of the series, I wasn’t really curious about it, but I end-up watching it, mostly cause I wanted to know who is Mikazuki Munechika since I know a certain someone who like him.

I must admit regret not watching it earlier, while I’m not normally a fan of the Slice of Life genre, however I really enjoyed this one. Although I’m not familiar with the card game, where the anime take its source, I really enjoyed seeing the swords interact with each other.

Cause yes the characters are sword turn which are given a human form by Master (Saniwa). They are were the sword of famous Japanese warrior living during different era. When a warrior was using more than one sword their human form are considered as family member or friend. Must say I like this idea the word have some many battle memories with their former owner, like the recurring dream Yamatonokami Yasusada the night Okita Souji died (even he wasn’t the sword the warrior was wielding that tragic night) or when Imanotsurugi remember the seppuku (or Harakiri – Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment). Now their former master died, the sword are used to fight the dark forced send through the different ear in Japan to alter the history.

While the series is focus on their daily life in the citadel, it’s a Slice of Life after all, there is some nice battle scene from when they are going in expedition to stop the malevolent force.

Even after watching the 12 episodes, I can’t still say which is my favorite character even if I really like Kashuu Kiyomitsu fighting still and outfit design.

After watching this series I’m definitely looking forward Touken Ranbu: Katsugeki set to air this summer and the 2nd season of Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru, it has been announced but the airing date is still unknown.

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