Basic Information

Title: Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, School
Studio: Silver Link
Aired Date: Apr 9, 2016 to Jun 25, 2016
Episode Count: 12
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older


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For high school student Tanaka, the act of being listless is a way of life. Known for his inattentiveness and ability to fall asleep anywhere, Tanaka prays that each day will be as uneventful as the last, seeking to preserve his lazy lifestyle however he can by avoiding situations that require him to exert himself. Along with his dependable friend Oota who helps him with tasks he is unable to accomplish, the lethargic teenager constantly deals with events that prevent him from experiencing the quiet and peaceful days he longs for.

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I finished the series few weeks ago and now I have the time to write the post about it. As I state in the First Impression post, when I first began to watch it, the Slice of Life genre, is not the genre I will normally go for when I’m looking for new anime to watch, thus when the series came out last years, I probably overlooked it, until I became curious enough to watch it.

Now that I watch it, I can tell that I almost regret not watching it when it came out. Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless is the not kind of series with a complicated plot and character development. This series is the kind you will watch just to have fun, to forget about your every day life.

Tanaka-kun is beyond lazy, I saw under lazy character in anime, like Murasakibara from Kuroko no Basuke, but none of them match Tanaka laziness, he is mastered his art quite well, and that why I like that show. No matter he was doing, he always found the way to put the less effort into it, unless it allowed him to sleep more later, if it was the case he will put the effort knowing he will get a reward later.

I would really like to talk about the plot and how the character change through the series, but frankly there is none of that, with maybe the exception of Shiraishi-san. She is one of the most popular girl at school, if not the most, but the way she act in school it’s just for the show, in fact she is a nerd with no friend. When she realize no one recognize her when she look like her “home” self, she decide to take this opportunity to life a less stressful life until Tanaka recognize her…cause of her breast size. No only he is lazy but Tanaka is also a little perv…reminds me of someone. Of course Tanaka doesn’t tell her that, instead he say that now he can look at her cause she look less sparkly and his eyes doesn’t hurt. After having a talk with Tanaka and Otha-kun, the super reliable friend of Tanaka, Shiraishi decide to came at school the way she normally look like, or almost, a realized that people doesn’t find her weird or anything.

I really enjoyed this series, it was fun to watch and I probably laugh more than I actually had should with some episode. Will I recommend this series everyone, maybe if they want to try something new.

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