As expected this is was easier to put together than the two previous one, that’s probably cause there is not as much as brown-haired character that I like. If I have around 40 names written down for the black-haired list, I only had nineteen for this one and ranking them was almost as easy.

But before going further, I need to give so honorable mention, Angelo Lagusa from the anime 91 Days, Shiraishi Kuranosuke from Prince of Tennis and Azumane Asahi from Haikyuu!!

Now time to let place to those magnificent yummy chocolate-haired boys

10th Position

 Doug (Gangsta.)

Doug death affect me more than I thought, he was adorable and precious, pretty sure he could have become good friend with Nicolas if Colt didn’t kill him.

9th Position

Teppei Kiyoshi (Kuroko no Basuke)

Kiyoshi is really the big brother of the team, be is like a fluffy teddy bear, but if you make him mad by threatening his team or by not being fair play, he will do everything he can to stop and crush you. Teppei might be air-headed sometimes, but if you need someone to talk to, he will always be there to listen to your concern.

8th Position

Nishinoya Yuu (Haikyuu!!)

Nishinoya is maybe the smallest of the team, but he have a lot of energy to give and he never give up. He is known to be one of the best libero, he has sharp reflex and a really good defense when it come to keep the ball in play.

7th Position

Dazai Osamu (Bungou Stray Dogs)

Suicidal freak, former member of the Port Mafia, the guy is more dangerous than he appear and he have one of the most useful ability after Fukuzawa.

6th Position

Oikawa Tooru (Haikyuu!!)

Oikawa always come from nowhere ruining everything (mostly my life). I just can’t deal with this idiot. He is not only extremely good-looking, but Tooru is also a beast on the volleyball court. He like to flirt a lot and he is quite popular among the girl, but he can act like a five years old when Kageyama come into the picture.

5th Position

Tachibana Makoto (Free!)

I still wondering why his is represented by a killer whale….the only thing that he have from a killer is his killer body and smile.

4th Position

Tezuka Kunimitsu (Prince of Tennis)

He is so stiff and it’s almost adorable. He is the captain of a bunch of talented dork. Looking at the other captain of the other team, he is probably the only one who could control them. His voice commends authority, when he is speaking you listening to him, coming from a fifteen soon sixteen years old it’s tell a lot on how he is. The fact his grand-father was a police chief is probably for something.


3rd Position

Kinomoto Touya (Card Captor Sakura)

Sakura big brother was my first anime crush ever, so of course he will appear on some list eventually, I wasn’t just unsure on which one, since he have black hair on the official colored picture of the manga. However since I rather the anime version, I decide to include them in the brown-haired list. He is good-looking, reliable, responsible and even if he love to tease her, Touya is the best big brother Sakura could have. He would do anything to help her, he is probably one of the best big brother in the anime world in my opinion.

2nd Position

Hattori Heiji (Detective Conan)

I surprisingly doesn’t talk a lot about him, but I still love him to death. Hattori is probably one of the character I tend to related the most, since he doesn’t always think before talking, but not in a mean way, more like thing he shouldn’t reveal, thing he should keep secret, but say it out loud by mistake. It’s totally the type of thing I could do.

1st Position (Free!)

Yamazaki Sousuke

What the hell just happen, I mean the guy is not even on my favorite characters list nor on in my top 3 character of Free!, so how the fuck he managed to be out there…not gonna lie sometimes I wonder myself, but I realize that I was fangirling over Sousuke more and more, more than Rin, Makoto and Haruka together. I love his smile, the way he is laughing. He is so precious, that whale shark need to be protected at all cost.

This was my Top 10 list of my favorite brown-haired anime male characters, pretty sure some of you are surprised by the 1st Position. I haven’t decide if the next will be the red-haired or the blue-haired, maybe it can also be both together will see.

See you next time

6 thoughts on “Top 10 Brown-Haired Anime Male Characters

    1. Thank you for reading

      Toya is a amazing big brother, always there for Sakura when she need him even if most of the time he seems to be the mean big brother there only to annoyed the his little sister.

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