Day 14 – Favorite Kaijo Player

See that’s why I have to choose two per day, cause of course for each of the “Favorite *school name* player” I will pick the Generation of Miracle, but I also want to put the spotlight on an other player.

So for day 14 of course Kise Ryouta need to be on board, but I also want to talk a bit about Kasamatsu Yukio. Hyuuga might be my favorite team captain, but Kasamatsu is second best. For 1st let’s talk a bit about Kise

Kise didn’t always played basketball, he join Teiko club only during the second year and that’s cause of Aomine. Ryota can pretty much copy any technique he sees so he tried a lot of sport, but basketball wasn’t one of them. After seeing Aomine playing he decide to give it a try (it’s roughly that). Kise develop is copycat technique through the years and like the other his talent blossom to a point it wasn’t really fun playing. But he didn’t get bored by the sport, he was bored cause the other were bored. If I like Kise it’s probably cause it’s the only one who always respected Kuroko, he never looked down on him and actually tried to convince him to transfer to Kaijo. Kise is Kuroko fanboy.

If I want to talk about Kaijo captain is mainly cause he know how to control Kise, he know how to keep in interested and focus. Okay sometimes he want to punch him in the wall cause yes Kise can be annoying as fuck with all his complaining, but Kasamatsu believe in what Kise can do and he will always be there to support his immature junior.

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