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I‘m Mel your host and this is Arthis my lost brother, say hi!!

Arooo~! I’m so happy to find you, my dear sibling, after so many years! :’)

We are now at the day 11 of the challenge and today we gonna share about our favorite Blondie

If you know me I think my choice will not really surprise you since you should know my love for a bunch of basketball colorful idiot.

Kise Ryouta from Kuroko no Basuke

How one can’t love him, he look like a cute little puppy asking for his master (aka Kuroko) attention.

Kise was once part of the most talented middle school basketball team, Teiko basketball club, the five of them together was dubbed as the Generation of Miracle and there were truly miracle, no one could beat them, even when they stop playing as a team, even when they only thing that was mattering for them was marking the most individual points. Team Spirit? Forget that it was part of their vocabulary anymore.
For someone like Kise who play basketball cause it was fun to play, it hit hard, but not enough hard to stop believing in their team shadow Kuroko (not gonna write about the icy-blue-haired here, I might to it later in the challenge) and this is why I like him, cause no matter what happen he still believe in Kuroko, he still believe in team play and the reason why he began to be bored was because of his surrounding.
When he asked Kuroko to leave Seirin and join him in Kaijo, Kise’s request was genuine, he really wanted to have the one that was once his mentor when he join the club during his second year of middle school by his side. He knew what Kuroko was able to do. Kise is surely loyal to his friend and he a world where competition is not always fair, it’s pretty rare.


Kise personality is bubbly and when I comparing him to a puppy I imagine a Golden Retriever, a little bit aloof swing the tail right and left when running toward his master. Kise might have that happy side, but he can also be really serious, mostly when he play. He is prideful and know he is talented and his team-mate make sure to tell him. From all the Generation of Miracle, Kise is the only one who is part of a team who know the meaning of Team Spirit which is exactly what Kise need.

On top of that Kise is really handsome

This was my pick for this week, now let’s take a look at Arthis choice


Oh god! This one is going t be difficult to beat!!! Well, I’ve seen my share of blondies in all sort of Animes shows, so this one was a little more difficult to pick xD Nevertheless after a lot of thought and changes I went with:

Nanashima Nozomu from “Kiss Him Not Me”

Nanashima Nozomu.jpg

Well, why did I went with Nana? Have you seen him? He is way too hot for my own good!!! So, first what it came was the phisical appearance! I love this character design, the face, green eyes, hair style… Everything! He is also one of those guys that seem cute and cool at the same time and you all know at this point that I have a crush for those kind of boys!

Nanashima Nozomu cute.gif

However, that’s not everything! I really like him as a character… I mean, by the end of the Anime! In the beginning of the Anime Nana is just those kind of guys that are a little shallow and only think about appearance. He is also not the best guy when it comes to being the one with more touch for people. Nevertheless, after some time and you are finally able to get to know him a little more it just melts your heart! First of all he is one of the best brothers I’ve ever seen for his little sister, I mean, who would just do a kids’ (girly) show dance over and over again to please his sister?

Nanashima Nozomu dance.gif

I really like this part of him, he is himself unapolagetic and he really doesn’t mind what people think about him, at least that’s what I take from dancing like this xD Moreover, he is one of the characters that grow the most during the Anime going from what it matters is the looks towards the what is in the inside is what it matters. It really is a pleasant watch to see him grow! 🙂

Nanashima Nozomu shipping.gif
I live for this shipping!

So, basically I just love him very much and I he is HOT!!! I mean, really HOT!


Now dear reader it is time for you to vote, which blondie is best blondie

Don’t forget to give a look at Arthis blog for day 12 where we share about our favorite black-haired hotties.

8 thoughts on “Mel&Arthis Appreciating the Fine Men From the Anime World… | Week 6 Day 11

  1. It’s hard to chose between these two but I have a weakness for blond guys with a ring in their ear. Yeah, don’t ask. Also, it’s Kise. Kise is Kise and who cannot love Kise. (also, I know I watched Kiss him, not me but I can’t say I remember much of it. 😳 )

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