Hello people It’s me again, this post will be really short.

First the new blog name was been chosen by you and funnily it is not the original option, the option that won is the amazing Scott idea.!!

So the new blog name will be Mel’s Universe.

Now the blog have a new name, I could work a new header, I have three option and I will let you choose the one that will be the one I will use cause I just don’t know which one I want.

Option A

Option B

Option C

5 thoughts on “Header Header time

  1. C has the most motion like I said on Twitter, it has something elegant and glamerous.

    Option A looks very sleak but I think you’d need harsher colours in your themes, I think the pink one offers more range.

    B The stained glass might be a great favicon I is pretty but I feel hinding it behind text is a bit of a shame and it lacked the energy the other two banners have

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