Hello Everyone!!

Hope you are all doing well this Monday!

Gonna be totally honest with you, I wasn’t planning on starting off this “new” version of Music in Monday with a Korean song; in my head I was going to look for an song coming from an anime series, however Kai from the South Korean boy group EXO, released his first solo song and I thought I could share that one with you instead.

So I present you (Mmmh) by 카이 (Kai)

To be frank I wasn’t especially looking forward his solo debut, Kai is known as the main dancer of the group, that’s how he has been promoted when the group debuted back in 2012, main dancer and visual and have to say I wasn’t sure if he could carry out a song all alone; he doesn’t have a one of the best vocal, but he is not bad either, I guess I would say that he is average, therefore I listen to the song without high expectation and I got pleasantly surprise.

I have to say that, in my opinion, it’s probably the best musical style he could pick for himself, cause yes it is a self produced album, it suits him very well, it kind of reminds me of Xia, now I’m not comparing Kai to Xia, Xia Junsu has vocal out of this world BUT they both have the same kind of musical style and I wouldn’t be surprise Kai follow a musical path in the future, except that Kai will probably not try to nullify is contract with SM.

“음 (Mmmh)” is really easy to listen, so smooth, I would call this a “baby making song” is sound so sexy, you can clearly imagine Kai lustful move while listening to it. The best part of the song to me is most definitely that stupid chorus. Nothing much is happening during the verse Kai stays within his vocal range abilities, but as soon as the chorus hits, you get addicted to it. This song was totally made in a way that even if you are not watching the music video or performance you know Kai is a dancer.

I haven’t listen to the full mini album, simply titled 카이 (Kai), released on the 30th of November but I will surely give it a try and let you know what I think.

Hope you enjoyed the song as much as I enjoyed it.

~ Thank you for Reading ~

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