Orange is such a warm color, the orange color make me happy, it remind me of summer, the sun and of course like the red color, it remind me of the fire. Orange-haired character are often cheerful character or hot-blooded character.

For this day, heyitszel’s though I would choose Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket. I think she completely forgot about my first choice and since she is a sweet girl I will forgive her.

Hinata Shouyou from Haikyuu!! is my first choice.

Hinata such a cheerful idiot, but not idiot in a bad way, idiot in a cute way. That kid is so precious, his smile worth millions and he need to be protected. he really have a bright personality that goes well with his hair color.

My second choice, his hair are not a bright and warm orange like Hinata’s hair color, but still a really nice orange that fit his profession.

Joker from Black Butler.

Joker not only one of the first-string of the Noah’s Ark Circus, but he is also the ring-leader, thus in my opinion he could have a fade or normal hair color.

OMG there is only four days left after this one, that challenge passed too fast, I should have put more days.

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