What Did I Post this Past Week

01/30/17 – Anime Crush: Akashi Seijurou
01/31/17 – [Doujinshi] FH!! – warning RT 18+
02/01/17 – Trigun
02/02/17 – [TBT] Maya the Bee
02/03/17 – Top 10 Megane Male Characters
02/04/17 – Kpop in Anime: Younha


Posts That Caught my Attention

Top 6 Hidden Turds by Jill from Jills Writings on Anime
Owls January Carnival: “Disruptors” The Selflessness – Samurai Seven by Lita Kino from LitaKino Anime Corner
Humanity’s Strongest: Levi Ackerman by heyitszel from ARCHI-ANIME
Tuesdays Top 5: Disappointments from 2016 by Karandi from 100 Word Anime
Conducting Anime Research by Takuto from Takuto’s Anime Cafe
Why the maturity warning on manga sites must be revised. by Acacia Aurora from Manga Toritsukareru Koto
Symbolic Armor: Ezra Scarlet by heyitszel from ARCHI-ANIME
In memory: Black Butler’s Tanaka and his portrayal of dementia by Elisabeth O’Neill from little anime blog
5: Bitten by Jill from Jills Writing on Anime
Hinata Shoyo is TALLER than me?! by Jills Writings on Anime
Check out These Hot Specs! \0-0/ 8 Megane Characters! by Jills from Jills Writings on Anime


My Watch List

~ Continue Watching ~

Nanbaka ep. 18
JFC that arc…if I can call it like that gonna be the end of me. Since the introduction of Samon’s (Building 5 Supervisor) everything seems to go wrong and get darker with a touch of humor to light up everything. I’m really wondering all it gonna resolve.

ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. ep 4
Jean visit an other district, Suitsu, it’s like a little nation inside the Dowa nation, but Suitsu people still live in an other era. It get a bit hot for Jean but he doesn’t seems to care even if his life his is in danger he keep his laid-back attitude.

elDLIVE ep. 4
OMG that starting to get really interesting. A new transfer student is seems to be part of Chuuta past, but even if they used to be friend it doesn’t seems to be the case anymore. Can’t wait to see the next episode!!

Saga of Tanya the Evil ep. 5
Evil if the perfect name for that little nine or ten yrs old captain soon to be major. I wouldn’t want to train under her commend. Never…She manage to condense a two years training into one month. The irony is more she is harsh with the soldiers more the soldiers want to prove they have their place, therefore instead of quitting for another division they stay and make her possibilities of staying safe at the capital vanish. Being X is probably having a good laugh.

Spiritpact ep. 5
Once again Spiritpact goes between the face palm/ WTH is that and “LOL Just can’t with these two” Nothing much is happening in the episode except maybe that Tanmoku give the sacred sword to You during a purification ceremony. The second half of the episode show the daily life of Tanmoku. The next episode should be interesting since some spirit seems to be trap inside the sword.

~Let’s Drop That~

So far so good, Hand Shakers is still the only one here..

~Hold it for Now~

Trickster…I will have to look at which episode they are eventually. I’m still planning to watch the last episode…maybe the two last.

This was my week in my little land, let’s see what other great adventure will happen next week.


10 thoughts on “Mel’s Round-Up Week 19

  1. Thanks for the shout out on my Tanaka piece. I’m glad to see it being received well by so many of our followers. It was something a little different to say the least, but seeing so many reading and connecting positively with it, ah, it’s just brilliant!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww, that’s really sweet to know. I know how special it is for a piece of writing to have that affect, so thank you, I’m glad to hear it.

        Liked by 1 person

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