It’s not that I’m running out of fresh idea for my top, but I was really wondering which should be the top of this week. After thinking about it for a week, I decide to please a certain someone who is in love with male characters who wear glasses. So here my Top 10 Megane Male Characters. I didn’t based my choice on the reason why they are wearing glasses, I just pick them cause….I like them

10th Position

Ronald Knox from Black Butler

Look at the cute little face, isn’t he adorable, precious little womanizer.
Like all Grim Reaper, Ronald wear glasses. They are not fancy like Grell Stucliff glasses or boring like the one William is wearing. We might not see him a lot, but he is still one of my favorite character of the series. I like Ronald easy-going personality.

9th Position

Imayoshi Soichi from Kuroko no Basuke

If you would ask me to do this list right after I watched the series, Imayoshi will certainly not be one, however there is a psychological phenomenon call the mere-exposure effect:

The mere-exposure effect is a psychological phenomenon by which people tend to develop a preference for things merely because they are familiar with them. In social psychology, this effect is sometimes called the familiarity principle. The effect has been demonstrated with many kinds of things, including words, Chinese characters, paintings, pictures of faces, geometric figures, and sounds.[1] In studies of interpersonal attraction, the more often a person is seen by someone, the more pleasing and likeable that person appears to be.

That the only reason why the guy is on that list….I got expose to him a bit to much, when i was looking for knB stuff.

8th Position

Munataka Reisi from K-Project

The beautiful Scepter 4 Blue King need to appear on the list, he is just sexy as hell when he draw his sword

7th Position

Ryugazaki Rei from Free!

Rei, dear Rei, awkward drama queen, please never change.

6th Position

Midorima Shintarou from Kuroko no Basuke

The KnB fan in me had to but that moron on the list. I mean come on look at him. Shin-chan might be a weirdo with his lucky item but he is an attractive weirdo.

Honorable Mention

Maes Hughes…can’t believe Maes didn’t make the cut. Now that I think about it, I would probably not be
attached to him if he was still alive. I probably said it more than once, but his death is really meaningful.

Hyuuga Junpei… poor him he got his spot stolen by a fox, so I decide to mention him…He is my favorite my favorite KnB captain after all.

5th Position

Nakajima Hideaki from Gakuen Heaven

I must admit I never play the game, only read to manga and it’s more than enough for me to like him.

4th Position

Tezuka Kunimitsu from Prince of Tennis

Tezuka is my favorite PoT character and my favorite captain. I love him right away. He commend respect without being an ass.

3rd Position

Fushimi Saruhiko from K-Project

That’s my twisted little monkey. He is highly intelligent but have a twisted mind that just awesome.

2nd Position

Tsukishima Kei from Haikyuu!!

If you had followed my 25 Day Anime Character Challenge, you would probably know Tsukkie would appear on this list. I know I said I didn’t based my choice on if the glasses were important or not to the character, but I must say that Tsukkie without his glasses is not really Tsukkie.

1st Position

Ginoza Nobuchika from Psycho-Pass

Ginoza wear is glasses only in the 1st season but that all that matter since the 1st season is the most interesting one. Once again the glasses are really important to the character, he want to hide his eyes behind it, eyes to look like his father’s eyes.

Here we are at the end of the fabulous Top 10 Megane Male Character.
Hope you enjoyed you reading…mainly you Naja since this post would had not be possible without you.

25 thoughts on “Top 10 Megane Male Characters

      1. Of course you do. LOL, just you wait – the megane list for MCM will be coming in like a month. haha! I’ve decided some days might be too hard to just focus on one..i.e. megane and ….fave blondes…I’ll be discussing on LINE when the time comes! πŸ™‚

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  1. Oh my gosh!!! So many tantalizing specimens! Kyaaaa 😍😍😍 okay, I seriously need to watch these shows so I can get to know these guys… but Tsukki is always number 1 in my book lol!

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