The 4th Generation got released with the video game Diamond, Pearl and Platinum which make the player visit the Sinnoh region. This generation count 107 new Pokemon (#397 to #493). Like the three previous top 10 Pokemon list, I will pick my favorite Pokemon from this generation.

10th Position

Abomasnow (#460)

Abomasnow is a Grass and Ice Pokemon, which make it weeks against Bug, Poison, Steel, Flying, Fighting, Rock and Fire. This Pokemon is the final evolution of Snover (#459).

9th Position

Glaceon (#471)

Glaceon is a type Ice Pokemon, its weakness are against Steel, Fighting, Rock and Fire attack. Glaceon is one of the two Eevee evolution from the 4th generation the other being Leafeon (#470).

8th Position

Staraptor (#398)

This Flying Pokemon is the final evolution of Sartly (#396) and it is weak again Electric, Ice and Rock attack.

7th Position

Floatzel (#419)

Floatzel is the final evolution of Buizel (#418), it is a Water type Pokemon which make him weak to Electric and Grass attack.

6th Position

Parichirisu (#417)

Parichirisu is an Electric type Pokemon and is weak against Ground attack.

5th Position

Luxray (#405)

This Pokemon is the final evolution of Shinx (#403) and is an Electric Pokemon which make it weak against Ground attack.

4th Position

Dialga (#483)

This legendary Pokemon is a Dragon/Steel Pokemon and is weak against Fighting and Ground attack.

3rd Position

Lucario (#448)

This Fighting/Steel Pokemon is the final evolution of Riolu (#447) and is weak against Ground, Fighting and Fire.

2nd Position

Empoleon (#395)

Empoleon is the final evolution of Pilpup (#393) and is a Water/Steel Pokemon, which mean it will take more damage from Ground, Fighting and Electric attack

1st Position

Giratina (#487)

This other legendary Dragon/Ghost Pokemon is weak against Dark, Ice, Dragon, Fairy and Ghost

This was my Top 10 list of Pokemon I used the most from the 4th Generation, next week I will make a trip in the Unova region and the 5th Generation of Pokemon

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