What Did I Posted this Week

05/15/17 – Monday in Music – Ashita e no Last Race
05/16/17 – [Manga] High-Rise Invasion
05/17/17 – Anime Crush: Bokuto Koutarou
05/19/17 – Top 10 Kuroko no Basuke OTP/BROTP
05/19/17 – [FanFic] Last Goodbye from Tokyo
05/19/17 – [FanFic] Chibi, Chibi-Chan
05/20/17 – [First Impression] Sword Art Online

What Did I Read This Week


OWLS: Strength in Hope – Danganronpa by Two Happy Cats

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10 Average Rated Anime Of The Early 2000s You Would Love To Watch: Kurumi’s Recommendation by Kurumi Shim
My pet peeves with the anime community by D from D Talks Anime
Top 5 Anime Vampires by Tessa from All About Anime
Filler Post: The 5 Hurdles that the average Anime and Manga fan faces Almost all the Time! by D&A Anime Blog
Dueling Shonens: How MHA and AOT are the same/different by Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews
What The New York Times’ anime article gets wrong by INCUMBENT THINKER from Thoughts That Move

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6 Villains That Saved the Day by Lynzee Loveridge from AnimeNewsNetwork

What Did I Watch This Week

** Attention Contain Spoilers **

Laughing Salesman ep7 (Monday)
Not totally sure if I can say Moguro-san did right in this week episode, but  I must admit that he was right at some point. The first customer wanted a life full of excitement to forget his everyday boring life, the only problem is the grass is not always greener the other side of the fence. The guy should have talk to his life to found a way to make his life a bit more exciting without relaying on Moguro-san trick. The other customer was scare for her position, she live in a nice apartment complex and didn’t wanted to be kick-out just cause she disagree with the “superior mom”, thus after hearing her story Moguro make sure the leader mom is always happy, until the customer request to  Moguro to make sure the leader mom, the only thing the customer didn’t took in consideration is that maybe one day she will become a source of complain from the leader mom,

Attack on Titan season 2 ep8/33 (Saturday)
This week episode didn’t really end on a cliffhanger, but I seriously can’t wait for next week episode, but I don’t want the season to finish either.  In this week episode , we see what happen after the Eren vs Reiner, of course Eren lose his fight against the Armored Titan and he his kidnapped by Reiner who is still in his titan former and Bertolt who is back to his human form. Bertolt carry Ymir in his arm and climb on the  Armored Titan back while he is running away with Eren in his mouth.  On the top of the wall, Armin watch over an unconscious Mikasa, it’s the first time I see her that powerless, she can’t go and save Eren, right away, they have to wait for the lift to be able to move the horse from one side of the wall to the other. The finally arrive with Erwin, Jean and other soldier. One thing I realize in that episode, in fact I already knew it, but it’s more obvious in this one, it’s how much Hannes care about Eren, Mikasa and Armin. The Garrison soldier is like that crazy uncle who will always be there for his nephew and niece, no matter the kind of help they need.

Not gonna lie I’m impress by the number of post I manage to publish this week. I have no clue what is in reserve for next week. I’m starting my first two weeks of vacation, which should mean I will have more time to blog, BUT I’m going for a fours days trip in Toronto for the Anime North. I will be gone from May 25th to May 29th, thus I doubt I will be able to make a proper round-up next Sunday, however I will put everything in the 4th of June.

See Ya Next Time

9 thoughts on “Mel’s Round-Up Week 34

  1. Thanks for sharing some great links.
    Second victim in the Laughing Salesman this week definitely got her just desserts. She brought that situation entirely on herself even if Moguro hadn’t done anything.

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