Basic Information
Original Title: Tenkuu Shinpan
Mangaka: Miura, Tsuina (Story), Oba, Takahiro (Art)
Genre: Action, Mystery, Horror, Seinen
Status: On-Going



High-school girl Yuri suddenly finds herself on the rooftop of a high-rise building. She’s trapped in a bizarre world surrounded by skyscrapers, where a masked man cracked open a man’s head with an axe before her eyes. The original author of “Ajin,” Tsuina Miura works in collaboration with Takahiro Oba, the artist of “Box!,” to bring you this thrilling skyscraper suspense!

I feel so dumb, it’s been a while that I’m debating if I should write about this manga or not. I wasn’t sure cause each time I made the research about it online I only find french result, I was looking for it with the french title since I read it in french. However I, for some obscure reason, decide to look for it with the japanese title and BAM found everything I need to write that damn post, cause now I know you, my dear english reader, can read it.

this manga is tagged as horror for a really good reason, not only there is blood everywhere but I would want to meet one of those masked psycho anywhere, even in the bright day. These people are scary as hell, just think of Micheal Myers (Halloween) running after you, BUT you can’t really escape from him unless you can kill him. The only thing is even if you can kill one, there is ten other appearing. I came across this manga while reading Aku no Kyouten (Lesson of the Evil), one of the volume I bought (the 7th or 8th) came with the 1st chapter of Tenkuu Shinpan and those few pages make me curious enough about it to buy the 1st volume when it came out.

In the beginning, the story seems pretty generic, a school girl trap in an other world filled with scary people who just want to kill all the “normal” people the see. But more as the story goes, more in became complex, it the “God” and the “people close to God”.


Tenkuu Shinpan is the kind of series you can build theories about when will happen next or even about the characters. Even is the main character Yuri annoyed me sometimes, I mean I doubt a 16 yrs high-school girl will think to tied her legs with her jacket just to shoot through a window under her, but Yuri does. The artwork design is interesting, of course I read more detailed series, but I saw worse too, one thing I like about the series is the diversities between the masked people, they pretty much all have their own fighting style which I really like.

Did you ever heard about this series? Do you read it? If yes let me know in the comment below.

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