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Mel’s Round-Up Week 47

What Did I Posted

08/13/17 – Kuroko no Basuke 30 Days Challenge – Day 13
08/14/17 – Monday in Music – Piece of Heat
08/14/17 – Kuroko no Basuke 30 Days Challenge – Day 14
08/15/17 – [Chapters-by-Chapters] Seraph of the End chapter 60
08/15/17 – Kuroko no Basuke 30 Days Challenge – Day 15
08/16/17 – Kuroko no Basuke 30 Days challenge – Day 16
08/17/17 – Detective Conan Manga Passed the Mark of 1000 Published Chapters
08/17/17 – Kuroko no Basuke 30 Days Challenge – Day 17
08/18/17 – Kuroko no Basuke 30 Days Challenge – Day 18
08/18/17 – [Fanfic] My Dream in Technicolor, Dream of Purple (RT 18+)
08/18/17 – [Fanfic] My Dream in Technicolor, Dream of Gray (RT 18+)
08/19/17 – Kuroko no Basuke 30 Days Challenge – Day 19
08/19/17 – Sword Art Online II


What Did I Read


[OWLS post] Family Complications in Gundam 0079 by Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews)
Family Dynamics in Gravity Falls [OWLS August Blog Tour: Bloodlines] by Carla (Pop Culture Literary)
[OWLS Blog Tour: Bloodlines] Familial Bonds in My Hero Academia by Zoe (Let’s Talk Anime)

Inside WordPress

Expectations, Anime, and You by Remy Fool (The Lily Garden)
Welcome to the Ballroom isn’t that great by Scott (Mechanical Anime Reviews)
WHAT ANIME IS A MUST SEE FOR ANIME FANS? by Shay Taree (Anime Reviewer Girl)
10 Classical ‘Mahou Shoujo’ Anime That Will Awaken Your Nostalgia by Kurumi Shim

Outside WordPress


What Did I Watched this Week

As I said in the last round-up I will not go in detail about each series I watch for this season, I might not be behind anymore but it’s still time-consuming, but I will keep you updated about the list. As for now I didn’t dropped any other show other than 18if.


This was might blogging week, in case you didn’t notice it, I added a directory for the fan fiction I wrote and posted on my blog so far. I passed some time doing it, all that coding for the table almost gave me a headache, but I don’t like the result.

See you next week

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