Days 16 – Favorite Touou Player

My first will not be a surprise to anyone, but since I made the point to not only choose the Generation of Miracle, I had to also choose someone else and I decide to go with the team captain, Imayoshi Shoichi

I don’t think you still want to read about Aomine, I think I said enough thing about him, unless you want to hear me say he is an idiot, which is the case.

Imayoshi will certainly never win the trophy of captain of the year, he can’t control his ace. In fact the only thing it matter to him is to see Aomine performing during the game. If he score point then Imayoshi let him to want he want. The only time he forced him to do something it’s when they capture drag him to a game. He is a really good strategist and know who to taunt the rival team. He might appear nice at first, but don’t let you fool by him. According to Hanamiya, Imayoshi personality his worst than his, when you know Hanamiya is the captain of a team who doesn’t play fair, it say a lot about how Soichi can be.

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