Shinya Hiiragi is a supporting character from the anime and manga series Seraph of the End. He came to be part of the prestigious Hiiragi family when he became the fiance of Mahiru Hiiragi the eldest daughter of the clan.  Being a Hiiragi make him high ranked in the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, he is major-general.

Where to start, Shinya might only be a supporting character, but he is probably one of the most precious supporting character.

When I first saw Shinya, the only think I had in mind was “what I cute little cinnamon rolls, armed with a rifle that shoot tigers” . That’s probably why I liked him right away. Shinya is not only precious but also, really loyal and caring to his friend even if the said friend decide to betray him.  He will do anything possible to help him/them.

I have to confess something, while writing this post, I took a break and read the last released chapter of the manga ( chapter 47)  just to know what happen with Shinya and now I really regret it. That was a big mistake. I’m really confuse, really confuse…really really really confused.


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