Free! is a sport anime with a lot of fan service…a LOT, but I really don’t mind, it’s always interesting to watch a show with really good-looking boy half-naked.

Top 3 Favorite Character

Matsuoka Rin

Rin is a cute little misunderstood shark

Nanase Harukato

That awkward little dolphin, I would left kid pool full of water everywhere just to see him get undress.

Tachibana Makoto


I still wondering why his is represented by a killer whale….the only thing that he have from a killer is his killer body and smile.

Character I Warm Up To

Yamazaki Sousuke

At first I hate him for the way he was with Haru, but after seeing him caring about Rin and Rin’s career that much, I start to like him.

Most Annoying Character

Nitori Aiichirou

I just can’t…I know the kid try but maybe he try to hard to please.

Favorite Club

Iwatobi Swim club

My favorite character is Rin, but for the club I must say I prefer Iwatobi chemistry over Samazuka.

Favorite Race

Iwatobi VS Samezuka last relay

I really tried to find the video for it, but I can’t find it….sorry

This last race against Samezuka mean so much. Not only Iwatobi officially win, but Yamazaki was able to make a last relay with Rin.

Favorite Opening

Rage on by Oldcodex

Favorite Ending

Splash Free by Style Five

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