About two weeks ago, my blog turn one, and I have to say that I’m quite impressed by the mere fact I managed to have at least two post a week. This is the first of two (maybe)

All for my enjoyment

When I first start this blog back in September of last year, I wasn’t really sure what I was aiming for, I knew I wanted to share my love for anime and manga, but I didn’t knew if I would content myself with only that. A year later, I can answer that question, yes I can content myself with only sharing my love for anime and manga, without taking thing to seriously. To me this blog is related to a hobby of mine, something that I do to think about something else than work, something that help me to stay sane. And you know what, it will stay like that.

Year before running this blog, I had a kpop blog. At first I really like it, like with my anime blog, I met great people, people with who I could share my interest in kpop, talk about my favorite group or soloist. I kept that blog for at least three years, I was posting about the latest come back, pretending to review album and shared thoughts about news. After three years of that, I realized that while I still loved listening to kpop, that blog wasn’t a hobby anymore, it look more like a second job than anything, a job I wasn’t paid for. The thing is I never intent to make a living from my blog. When I realized I wasn’t enjoying writing my blog post anymore, I just closed everything and deleted my account (thing I partially regret now).

Now that I’m running a new blog, I really don’t wanna repeat the same mistake, this blog will remain a hobby and I will continue to write my post the way I always wrote them. While I’m thankful to all my followers, thank you for liking/reading my post, my main goal with this blog is only to talk about my favorite anime and meet people who share the same interest as mine. Like when I start my kpop blog, to me all this is a hobby, something I want to enjoy, I don’t wanna pressure myself thinking about “how many view my post will have”, I don’t write post for the view, but only to talk about what I like. Now that I think about it, see my blog like if it was a scrapbook or a diary where I throw my thoughts about anime in it, where I can stick pictures of my favorite character. The day I will start writing for view, I will just do the same as I did with my kpop blog and stop everything. The most important to me is that I continue to enjoy my blog, and I enjoy it the way at it is now.

Looking into the future

As I already said, I’m not planning to change anything, I will continue to post about the same thing I’m already posting and on the same days. If there one thing I’m really proud of is the fact I could actually keep my schedule, at least when I had content for that day. So yes I will continue to share my favorite Anime music with you on Monday, talk about my favorite manga or doujinshi on Tuesday and post a fanfic on Friday, this will not change.

Friday will also have a more PG content (I’m aware most of my fan fiction are rated 18+, I’m the one who wrote them this way) with the K-Friday. I thought it could be a nice idea to share with you my favorite group, band or soloist performing K-music (not only pop) since a lot of anime fan are also fan of kpop (still trying to figure why since both country doesn’t really have a good relation…but that something else, let’s not talk politic here)
Once in a while you might see a wild Anime Crush post appears and who knows maybe a Get to Know Me too. Of course the Sunday Round-up post will stay and the occasional anime series post too.

As you see no big change is coming, I like thing the way they are, so why change it.

Awesome Community

I don’t talk about it a lot but a long time ago (okay maybe not that long) a use to be part of a great anime community, it was like a second family, a place where I could go in feel safe. That place was called Advanced Anime, sadly due to the poor management skill of the last owner, the website close (I’m still mad at how the last owner handle everything). I never thought I could find something similar, close to it again, but I was wrong. During the pass year, I met great people, people with whom I can talk about anime and manga, people who I respect.

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero
Lethargic Ramblings
Jon Spencer Reviews
Lita Kino Anime Corner
Takuto’s Anime Cafe
Mechanical Anime Reviews

and of course the OWLS blogger team

Pretty sure I might have forgotten people, sorry if I did

It’s Not the End

Now time to wrap-up this anniversary post, as I said in the intro, a second post might come, this will depend of you my dear reader since that second post will kind of me written by you. I explain myself, the second post will be a Q&A one, thus it will happen only if I have question (duh).

You can ask your question in the comment box below, my email or through my twitter account. I’m willing to answer pretty much anything unless it’s too personal. Let’s see I will take question until next Wednesday (Oct 11th) and write the post with all the answers of you question in it.

See you soon!!

14 thoughts on “Better Late than Never, One Year in the Anime Land

  1. Congratulations on the one year. That’s so exciting.
    Okay question: Who are some of your favourite female characters? We see a lot of the male ones in your posts, but do you have any favourite anime girls?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy to have a part of your wonderful and very successful first year! It’s always fun reading the posts that come from you, and watching you do all sorts of cool write ups is half that fun. I’m so excited for you and where you will take this blog, so here’s to another year~ Congratulations!!🎉🎂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations! I’ve realised that I’m very quickly coming up on my one year anniversary of blogging as well. It’s satisfying to know that you can continue to do things for an extended period of time! It’s fun reading your posts and I hope you continue to enjoy writing into the future!

    A question for you (sorry if it’s a little open-ended); do you have any suggestions for people who would like to get to know a bit about K-Pop?
    It’s something which I hear some people in the anime community talk about enjoying, but I honestly know next to nothing except that it’s pop music from Korea.

    Liked by 1 person

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