Some week ago Melinanimeland celebrate its one year anniversary and I made a post about it, but I figure I could also make a Q&A session to go with it, to let my reader know me a bit more.

The questions were asked either on the comment page of the 1st blog anniversary post, on twitter or through email. And now it’s time for me to answer them.

The first question come from Karandi from 100WordAnime

I have to say that is indeed a really interesting question, I know I have a top female character post, but I also know that if my top male character doesn’t change a lot, at least the top 3, female change often. I really like Loretta Cristiano from the manga Gangsta. She is a teenage girl at the head of one of the four mafia family controlling the city. She was pretty much throw in the harsh world after the death of her father. But despite her young age, I think, she does a pretty good job. I don’t wanna spoil anything here (even if I pretty much did it in the Chapter 44 post) but she is ready to lift the protection of her subordinate when she have to. I also really like Riko Aida from Kuroko no Basuke. Being the coach of a high school basketball team is certainly not easy, even more if all the other are seasoned coach, a lot doubt of her decision, however she do a great job and know when to use her player and when to remove them. Who else…Trying to choose girls that is not already on my post…Oh the girls of Gunslinger Girl…All of them, even Claes. They are sweet girl who like to have fun, but know when it’s time to work. They know how old they are, they like stuff girl of their age like, but they also know they have to be ready to kill when the times come. I think that’s pretty much it…at least for now. new season always bring a lot of great characters, males and females.

The next question come from plainpastaandplainrice

While reading this question, I was really wondering how I should answer this, cause it really depend of the taste of the person. But it could say this, you can start by the group that is the most popular at the moment. Like right now is BTS, the swipe the chart in South Korean and break a lot of record. That’s what a normal and unbiased person will probably tell you. But since I’m hella biased, I can tell you to try Shinhwa, which is one of the first generation idol group, and Infinite, since both are my favorite group. That’s for K-Pop, strictly K-Pop. Now if you want recommendation other than that musical genre, like something more rock or from soloist, you can give a look to F.T Island and Kim Feel. The first is a rock band that I particularly enjoy and the second is a soloist with a great voice tone. Gonna put some example of each artist below along with my favorite song of BTS, Shinhwa and Infinite.

Shinhwa – Brand New

Infinite – The Chaser

BTS – Danger

Despite everything I said about being biased, I stick to my first answer, try with what is popular. Like when I got into K-Pop, one of the most popular group was Super Junior and I got into K-Pop cause of them. Through them I came across MBLAQ and then BEAST (now know as HIGHLIGHT) What you can also do, is look at K-Pop / K-music playlist on Youtube. A lot of Youtubber put video, like the most popular song or best group, together (i.e: Kevin Moyer. This can be a really good start to. Hope it answer your question ^_^. If you want to know more about K-Pop or K-music in general, you can still send me an email or follow the K-Friday Post.

Now time to answer Irina from I drink and watch anime

I actually had to look what I answered when I did the 30 Days Anime Challenge just to see if it’s was still relevant, Joker Game and Death Parade. And you know what, yes it’s still relevant. I would take a new season of either of them or even both anytime. Maybe a new season of Psycho Pass, they could cover the investigation that lead to Sasayama’s death or they could also adapted the story in “Psycho-Pass: Inspector Shinya Kougami”, it’s an untold story. What else…Seraph of the End, even if the end of the “Battle in Nagoya” doesn’t go according to the manga. A last one even if for that a new studio would need to take over and redo it from the beginning, Gangsta. I feel like that series doesn’t get enough love.

The next question is coming from Zoe from Let’s Talk Anime

Hmmm That’s a though one….I will say probably Drifters, I just felt in love with the atmosphere of the series and both Touken Ranbu, Hanamaru and Katsugeki. I know both lack something important like a…plot, but I loved it from day 1 For the current season (Fall 2017) I would probably say The Ancient Magus’ Bride. . Even if I don’t really have standard when it come to anime it’s really rare I will love an anime right from the beginning.

The next two questions are coming from Ka-chan from Ka-chan Anime Review

I’m a cry baby so I did cry a lot while watching some series. One of them is FullMetal Alchemist, both version 2003 and Brotherhood, I cry each time from Maes Hughes death to his funeral, I always need my boxed of tissue near me when I watch, it’s the same when I read that part in the manga. Also Masaoka’s death in Psycho-Pass it bring me some tear too, the two last are only from the manga series, the first is Angelica’s death in “Gunslinger Girl” (yes she is supposed to die) and Tatara’s death in “K Memory of Red. If we only had flashback of his death in the anime series K-project, the manga show before his death and when Yata and Kusanagi found him on the roof. And older anime that never fail to make me cry is Nobody’s Boy Remi. There is two moment that I just want to curl up in my bed and cry, same with the Mysterious Cities of Gold toward the end of the season.

For the second question I would say Psycho-pass (of course it’s my favorite anime) and two olders one the younger generation might not know. The first is The Mysterious Cities of Gold and the second one is Nobody’s Boy Remi. I loved those two shows as kid, I have the DVD box set for both and I always enjoy watching them even if both make me cry.

Last question is coming from Takuto from Takuto’s Anime Cafe

Psycho-Pass even if it’s story is a bit complicated and you really need to pay attention to the dialogue. For a more general public, I usually go for either K-Project, Seraph of the End or any sport anime.


I want to thank everyone who sent their question ^_^ it was fun to answer them. Maybe I will do it again next years.

~ Thank you for reading ~

See you next time!!

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        Lady Oscar yes I have the manga and right now I try to remember the them song….
        I have to rewatch The Mysterious Cities of Gold and write a proper post about it


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