Congrats to me I was able to keep it for three weeks straight, now let’s up I can finish this challenge without forgetting it once again.

This week I will share with you a group that I wish people, kpop fan, paid more attention too.


Since their debuted in 2012 the group struggle to get some recognition from the public, the only time the public really paid attention to them was when the group leader, Seo Minwoo, died in March 2018 from natural causes. They debuted as seven they are now four. Despite all that, they continue to go forward.

There is a lot of song that I will from them, like A LOT, so I decided to share with you three songs, but not cause I feel like it, more cause the three album they come from as some kind of meaning.

The first “Better Day” come from the first album the Minwoo recorded after being discharged from his military service, Time Leap. He was discharged in December 2015 the album was released in October 2016

Then a few months later, in February 2017, they came back with “Sketch U” from Sketchbook, the last album Minwoo recorded before his death.

Lastly, “Grand Bleu“, from the album Sunshine released in September 2018, the first album after their leaded death.

3 thoughts on “K-Challenge | Week 8, Favorite Less Known Group

  1. Oh I’ve literally never heard of them : []
    Let me remedy that right away.

    I think I’d pick….. The Rose? They’re not all that popular but not unknown either….

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