Written by Ai Ninomiya and illustrated by Ikumi Katagiri, Are You Alice ? is a Josei manga mixing action, adventure, psychology, mysteries and fantasy. The manga series count a total of twelves volumes.


A disillusioned young man in search of “something” stumbles into the weird and wacky world of Wonderland, where, as “Alice,” he is thrust into a murderous game of “Kill the White Rabbit” by command of the ruler of the land, the Queen of Hearts. But while Alice rails against the role that has been forced upon him, he has little choice but to comply. For in Wonderland, not sticking to the script can have deadly consequences…

89th Alice

I came across Are You Alice? on Facebook, I’m following the page of the French publisher of the series ,Kazé, and they were posting their upcoming release. When I saw Are You Alice? cover, I found the artwork really interesting so I decide to look up the synopsis and I was even more interested after that. The idea of revisiting the Lewis Carroll classic, Alice in Wonderland, was really appealing.  But in this story Alice is not a young lady avid of adventure, but a depressed extremely good-looking young man and the sole reason he have to pursuit the White Rabbit his to kill him.

That’s awesome

Mad Hatter

The character we meet in the story are all the same of the original from Mr. Carroll. We have the Queen of Heart (The the king since he is a man), Mad Hatter, The Cheshire Cat and even the Dodo and the Dormouse have a place in this twisted race to catch the White Rabbit. I like pretty much all the character except maybe for the Regrets (mainly the 88th Alice just hope she disappear soon)

I’m now at the chapter twenty-nine, tome 5, and I’m becoming more confuse about the whole thing. However the story is still great and now I’m debating if I should continue reading it online…

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