Written and illustrated by Yabuki Kentaro, Black Cat is a shounen manga series published between July 2000 and June 2004 in the magazine Weekly Shounen Jump. The manga series count 187 chapters divided in 20 volumes.

Basic Information

Original Title: Black Cat
Mangaka: Yabuki Kentarou
Status: Complete
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen
Chapter(s): 187
Volume(s): 20
Original Run: July 10, 2000 – June 14, 2004
Demographic: Shounen


My Anime List

Train Heartnet is an amicable bounty hunter—known as a “Sweeper”—with a talent for sharpshooting. Working alongside his cool-headed partner Sven Vollfied, they hunt down wanted criminals. Unfortunately, however, despite their efforts, the dynamic duo always seems to be short on money, which forces them to accept a job from the beautiful Rinslet Walker, a sly thief for hire, and a mysterious girl named Eve.

However, the motley crew soon discovers a terrible plot to revolutionize the world, and the mastermind is someone Train knows and loathes with a passion. As the plan is set into motion, it is soon made clear that behind the carefree sharpshooter’s smiling face lies a tragic past and an insatiable desire for revenge.

Black Cat is one of my favorite series, I saying that I enjoyed reading it is probably an understatement. I just found that series amazing.

The story revolves around Train Heartnet an Sweeper (bounty hunter) who was once a renown Chornos Number, assassin working for an organization called Chronos. Each of these top assassin have their own number tattooed in roman number somewhere on their body, Train was number 13 and he had it tattooed on the upper-left side of his chest. Obviously the only way to get out from this secret organization is to died, however due to some event train manage to escape to eventually become a bounty hunter with Sven Vollfield an ex-police inspector. The trio is complete by Eve a young girl who is in fact a humanoid weapon, her body is made of nano-machine and she can transform it the way she want it (in the final arc, she become a mermaid and then an angel of steel).
Like all story of this type a villain need to appear somewhere, the villain is Creed Diskenth and his Apostle of the Star. The Apostle are Tao user (ki/chi user) and the abilities depend of the individual, some may freeze, burn or even control their blood. Of course the main goal of Creed and friend is to overthrow Chronos or get revenge on life, while the goal is nothing knew the way to achieve it is interesting.

Black Cat a shit load of characters, without counting Train, Sven and Eve, there more than 20 character that have his take on the series, most of them are either Numbers or Apostle. While the personality of the main character doesn’t go under big changes, their ability does and it’s one of the interesting part of the series, seeing them evolving to get better, to be able to kick more ass is quite interesting.

There is also an anime Black Cat series, produced by the studio Gonzo, that I haven’t watch and I’m not planning to watch it, simply cause the writers of the anime series took the liberty to had an unnecessary arc to the story.

While it’s a shounen manga with a not so original series, Black Cat is still really enjoyable. I don’t care about what some might think, I still love it.

Did you read the manga ? If yes let me know what you though about it in the comment section below.

8 thoughts on “[Manga] Black Cat

  1. Spot another Black Cat fan!! Today I spot two BC fans (include you too) coincidentally. Maybe today is Black cat day? :3

    It’s a long time since I read post about Black Cat, thank you so maaach. 😀 I think anime is not so bad if you want to watch Sephiria Arks.

    My wish is Black Cat 2 only. But I don’t think mangaka will make my wish come true since he still is busy with To-love ru. I want to know which woman Train will end up with too, Rinslet or Sephiria?

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    1. Thanks for reading! !

      With the way the series ends I doubt a Black Cat 2 eventually exist. Yabuki found a new threat and Chronos need Train help to fight them.
      Lol Train is a stray cat the only woman with who he could end is death.
      With her work Sephira can’t have a man in her life, even less if it’s someone who betrayed the organization and Rinslet I see her more with Jenos.

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      1. Sigh~ I think you are right because both women are like what you mentioned (in anime). But…

        – in manga, I am not sure Rinslet still feel the same or not.
        – in anime, I know Sephiria’s feeling toward a certain cat, so it’s too bad her ending is not like I hoped.

        I still want to see Train and all characters again. Both manga and anime. (Let me light the match and look at the fire.)

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  2. I’ve watched the anime and enjoyed it but haven’t read the manga. There’s definitely some plot issues with the anime that are probably not so obvious in the manga but I’ve just never really felt the need to go any further with these characters.

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    1. I think my big problem with the anime series come from the fact they change character attitude. Like Sephira have more of a gentle side in the manga. Plus can’t understand how someone who is born to serve until death an organization can wish to destroyed it. All long number IV and VIII treat Train as a traitor because left Chronos, but suddenly those same member betrayed themselves Chronos. Okay the fact that I’m partial to Baldorias probably doesn’t help.

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