As I said in at the end of the last week Top list, this week I decide to feature Orange-Haired but also those boys whom have hair color that look like orange but it is not (They say chestnut/hazelnut brown I say orange), only cause I quickly realize that I didn’t watch a lot of anime featuring male character with orange hairs.

But before sharing with you my favorite five favorite Orange haired (or close too) characters I have to give to honorable mentions. The 1st goes to Nishiki Nishio from Tokyo Ghoul and the second goes to free resident Samezuka brother Momotaru and Seijuro Mikoshiba (their hair are freaking orange not red!!!)

Now for the list….

5th Position

Sohma Kyo (Fruist Basket)

The orange hair of the cute little kitty is in reference to his fur, Kyo is definitely my favorite male character of Fruit Basket. Compare to Kyo the other cursed had an easy live, if it wasn’t of his uncle, who adopted him, he would have live his life lock up in the backyard of the Sohma family. Kyo had the worse curse possible. not only he turn into a Cat each time a woman who doesn’t have the curse touch him, but when it rain he become a horrendous monster smelling decaying flesh.

4th Position

Nakahara Chuuya (Bungou Stray Dogs)

Chuuya is hot-tempered and tend to act before thinking, but he is still one of the best member the Port Mafia can have. He is loyal to his organization and hate Dazai for leaving it. Despite the his though side, Chuuya care for his subordinate and he is ready to let die an other member of the Port Mafia his the latter killed one of them.

3rd Position

Kagari Shuusei (Psycho-Pass)

From all the latent criminal working from the MWBSP, Kagari is the one who deserve the most attention. Yes Kagami have awesome detective skill, yes Masaoka was a great detective before, yes Kunizuka got “tricked” but they all had the choice, they could have all avoid that, not Shuusei. Kagari was flag latent criminal by Sibyl at 5 years and since then he always leave as a latent criminal, having no other choice to either stay in the rehabilitation center until his death (according to Sibyl he have zero chance of rehabilitation) or becoming an Enforcer.

I also torture myself my posting this one

2nd Position

Hinata Shouyou (Haikyuu!!)

His enthusiasm is contagious, when I see him all excited, I just can’t stop smiling like an idiot. His enthusiasm equal his determination. He knows what he want. He knows he can do thing that people think he can’t do. He always push himself to fly higher and higher.

1st Position

Yata Misaki

He is beauty, he is grace and he want to kick Fushimi ass. Yata is an idiot, he is the type of person to who you need to clearly explain everything, if you doesn’t it will end-up with a big misunderstanding. That what happen between Fushimi and him. His loyalty toward the red clan, especially the Red King, Mikoto Suoh, is really admirable. But even after the death of Mikoto and the birth of the new Red King, Anna Kushina, he is still loyal to the clan, and he will do anything to protect their little princess.


This was my Top 5 list of anime male characters with orange hair, or hair close to orange. Next week, I think it will be my favorite male Pokemon trainer/gym leader/elite four. After finishing the top blue male character, I notice I forgot Steven Stone and I need to fix that some way…

Let me know your favorite orange-haired (or close too) male character in the comment section below

See you next week

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